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We provide personal training for both fitness clients and also for athletes.

Personal Training for Fitness

- We work with adults all the way up into the senior citizen age range.

- We apply a cross between exercise science techniques and sports training methods to improve the overall dynamic function of the body while gaining the health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, better blood profiles, increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass.

- We monitor and encourage healthy eating habits that are realistic, molded around your palate, and sustainable for long term results.

Personal Training for Athletes

- This in an opportunity to help the athlete nail down an area that they constantly have trouble with. It could be a lack of understanding that requires removing them from the group to have a one on one session to get a breakthrough. It is recommended that personal training sessions are used for this purpose rather than separate them from the learning how to train in a competitive enviornment, because it is not relative to the demands of competitive environment which group training provides.


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